We do our best to make our hotel an attractive place for family recreation where everyone, regardless of age, can find something for oneself.

Laser therapy 

Biostimulation, is one of the newest and rapidly developing branch of physical therapy using processed light to stimulate the regeneration and  immune mechanisms of the body. It uses low power laser radiation with visible and infrared light. Laser biostimulation  accelerates healing of tissues, acts anti-inflammatory, analgesically, stimulates the immune system, increases neovascularization, improves microcirculation, accelerates the absorption of edema and exudates, and stimulates the growth of collagen fibers, therefore is also used in cosmetics. Laser therapy is used primarily in degenerative joint diseases, pain syndromes, "painful shoulder" "tennis elbow”, injuries and  ligaments overloading diseases, rheumatic diseases, neuralgic pains, in difficult healing wounds and sores.


uses a varying low frequency magnetic field. The magnetic field has analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities, stimulates the metabolism, cellular respiration and regeneration of tissue  processes . Improves blood circulation, inhibits the destructive processes in the joints, accelerates wound healing. That is why, the magnetic field is recommended primarily for degenerative spine and joints disease, sciatica, difficult to heal wounds, as well as in post-injury states.


are acoustic waves of frequencies higher than the audible range of the human ear. They prove analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities, reduce muscle tension, dilate blood vessels and affect the nervous system. In addition the ultrasounds heat up the tissues, while the nervous tissue heats best, the muscle tissue heats less and the least heated is the fat tissue. The rate of chemical reactions is increased and oxidation processes are intensified, blood flow is improved.

Applications: degenerative diseases of the joint and spine (osteophytes), in the „calcaneal spur”, in post-traumatic: fractures, dislocations, sprains, soft tissue tearing, hematomas; in rheumatic and neurological diseases: neuralgia, inflammation of the nerves. 


Phototherapy uses the therapeutic effects of infrared rays, both visible and ultraviolet. SOLLUX LAMP – used for infrared irradiation (invisible and visible), while quartz lamps emit ultraviolet radiation. Depending on the indication an adequate filter is attached to the sollux lamp. The blue one has analgesic properties; the red one soothes skin inflammation and slowly healing wounds. After irradiating erythema will appear for a short time. The therapeutic effect of this radiation is the dilation of blood vessels, reduction of pain and muscle tension and acceleration of metabolism.

Contradictions: heart failure, pulmonary tuberculosis, tendency to bleed, peripheral circulatory disorders, fever, acute inflammatory states, general bad condition of the organism.


direct currents and pulsed currents of low and medium frequencies are often used for medicinal purposes. The flow of electricity through tissues (nervous and muscle) affects their excitability and dilates blood vessels. Direct currents are used to perform galvanisation, iontophoresis and hydro-electric bath treatments. 


Each of the guests staying at our hotel has the access to a fully equipped fitness room with modern equipment, where everyone can find something suitable for himself. Exercises that shape and model the body can be performed, affecting the general fitness and condition of the body.

Salt cave

It is a unique proposition for people who are stressed and need relaxation and an improvement in mood. The salt grotto is an oasis of peace and quiet. The interior of the salt cave is filled with several tons of rock and sea salt, rich in microelements needed in creating a unique microclimate found in natural salt caves. A suitable temperature, humidity and negatively ionised air as well as moody, relaxation music have a positive effect on health and one’s well-being. It is particularly recommended for persons with frequent rhinitis and respiratory system infections.

Four-chamber bath

The four-chamber water bath is used in the treatment of neuralgia, polyneuropathy (e.g. diabetic), paralysis (e.g. after brain stroke), in peripheral circulation disorders, autonomous nervous system disorders, vascular induced dizziness, in some pain syndromes and rheumatic diseases. The effect on the nervous system (stimulating or toning) is modified by the arrangement of electrodes in the chambers (bottom-up or top-down current). 

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