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Improves mood and health

Gymnastics in the pool

is a unique thing in every way.

The safest way of starting physical activity after a long pause. It is recommended for any person who is in pain or other discomfort when exercising. Buoyancy properties of brine allow very overweight people to exercise without exposing the joints and spine to damage. Gymnastics in water is also an easy method for training the cardiovascular system. The pearl bath is a bath, where compressed air is flowing out of jets placed on the bottom of the tub.

Air bubbles are massaging the body more delicately than during an ordinary hydro massage – it causes effects similar to a micro-massage. Such a bath is relaxing both physically and psychically. It will also fill you with energy and vigour. The aromatic pearl baths are an interesting idea – with the addition of the relaxing essential oil or pearl baths in algae. The regular use of pearl bath will improve mood and the health condition through strengthening the organism. 


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